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    In case any of you are wondering what the Challenge Cup Schedule has been for the past few years and what it will be in the coming years, we decided we would post the schedule. The location alternates upstate/downstate and the 6 clubs take turns hosting. Each club will host the event every 6 years.

2010 Pub Club
2011 Springfield
2012 Bar Point
2013 Bloomington
2014 Winnetka
2015 Peoria
2016 Pub Club
2017 Springfield


2018 Bar Point
2019 Bloomington
2020 Winnetka
2021 Peoria
2022 Pub Club
2023 Springfield



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Results - October 4th, 2017

                                      1st Mark Kaye
                                      2nd Jena
        1st Cons Randy

                Mark Kaye got back into the winning circle for the 1st time since July        12th. Next one due for a win is Sharon who has had some seconds in             recent months but can't seem to punch through.
    Injury update. It is getting as bad as the NFL as our team continues to be depleted. Brad got whacked in his brand new beloved Subaru Outback. Cleanest parts ever scattered about the road. Brad also got hurt, suffering a concussion, an ankle injury and a good deal of soreness. Dan continues his recovery from a nasty infection following an operation. He in now out at Lewis Memorial Christian Village where he is still getting antibiotics and therapy. Dan will be there for a few more weeks. Get back soon boys!

   Congratulations to Laila Leonhardt who recently won the Open division of the Swedish Open. Laila played with our club several years ago for a short time while she was living in central Illinois. Click on her name above to view her Facebook Page to view pictures of her nice trophy and new BG board. Nice to see her playing BG again after a 13 year hiatus. Watch the finals on youtube, great way to learn:

    Chouettes have been breaking out on Wednesday nights and thanks to Brad for hosting a Chouette party.

  It was a another exciting Challenge Cup this year. It was Sangamon Valley's turn to host the event.  The Challenge Cup is an event where all 6 Backgammon Clubs in the state compete for a traveling trophy.This was the 37th year for the event. The tournament rotates upstate/downstate and among clubs. Congratulations to the Pub Club (pictured below) for their win which was their second in a row

  Next year will be The Bar Point's turn to host the Challenge Cup.


Congratulations to our
Players of the Month!!!!

Jena and Laurel - .80

*NOTE - Stats are compiled by a human and are subject to error. The human appreciates all the help they can get - so if you spot an error be sure to contact Randy and let him know so that we can get it corrected as soon as possible. Thanks!

Players of the Month

January - Jena - 1.48
February - Randy - .84
March - Randy - 1.40
April - Laurel - 1.20
May - Laurel - 1.04
June - Laurel - 1.08
July - Jena - 1.68
August - Randy - 2.32
September - Jena and Laurel .80

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