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    In case any of you are wondering what the Challenge Cup Schedule has been for the past few years and what it will be in the coming years, we decided we would post the schedule. The location alternates upstate/downstate and the 6 clubs take turns hosting. Each club will host the event every 6 years.

2010 Pub Club
2011 Springfield
2012 Bar Point
2013 Bloomington
2014 Winnetka
2015 Peoria
2016 Pub Club
2017 Springfield


2018 Bar Point
2019 Bloomington
2020 Winnetka
2021 Peoria
2022 Pub Club
2023 Springfield



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Results February 7th, 2018

                                      1st Sharon
                                      2nd Michael
                                      1st Cons Laurel

             Lite turnout of 5 players. Brad jumps 2 spots with the win.

    Thanks to Sharon for hosting a BG party at her house recently. She is teaching some friends the game and invited the club over to give the newbies  a taste of tournament play. BTW, pictured below is not her house but her garage. Sweet. Granite counter tops. 


Chouettes have been breaking out on Wednesday nights and thanks to Brad for hosting a Chouette party.

  Congratulations to the Pub Club for their 3rd straight win of the Challenge Cup! Scoreboard and picture below. Bloomington is the host next year. Maybe a March date in hopes of avoiding snow😊

 1st 19-11 Pub Club

2nd 16-14 Winnetka

3rd 15-15 Bar point Club/Bloomington

5th 14-16 wins Peoria

6th 11-19 wins Springfield



Congratulations to our
Player of the Month!!!!

Mark Kaye - 1.44

*NOTE - Stats are compiled by a human and are subject to error. The human appreciates all the help they can get - so if you spot an error be sure to contact Randy and let him know so that we can get it corrected as soon as possible. Thanks!

Players of the Month

January - Mark - 1.44

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