Play at the Teletrack has been suspended until the Teletrack reopens. We are currently organizing our Wednesday tournaments online at Backgammon galaxy.

Contact Randy Armstrong, 217-622-9447

or email randya1@comcast.net

Wednesdays at 6 p.m., Capitol Teletrack,

1764 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL 62704 

Come play with us in Springfield! 

 For a map of our location, click here









Helpful Links From Backgammon Galaxy

    1.              How to Play Backgammon


2.             Beginner Mistakes: Don't Bury your checkers


3.             Beginner mistakes: Don't run if you are behind in the race


4.             Beginner mistakes: Don't play too safe


5.             Beginner mistakes: Don't get trapped


6.             Beginner mistakes: Don't make candlesticks, play flexible 


7.             Beginner mistakes: Don't leave direct shots


8.             Beginner mistakes: Don't give you opponent too many good rolls 


9.             Beginner mistakes: Don’t play aggressively when you are weak.

     10.       Beginner Mistakes: Don’t play passively in the opening game

     11.       Beginner Mistakes: Don’t attack without ammunition

     12.       Beginner Mistakes: Don't think the 7 point is the strongest.

      13.        Beginner Mistakes: Don't move without a game plan.